Shinafoot Pottery
Karin from Shinafoot pottery takes her inspiration and creativity from a lifetime of touring the world and being inspired by all genres of pottery that has been created round the world by artisans over many centuries. 

After spending many years appreciating others and collecting pottery I decided to learn the art of making pottery.

As a jewellery designer and silversmith adding pottery fulfilled my dream of a trully hands on back to nature artist.

There are no mistakes when making pottery.  It is one of the best mediums to express your creative mind and allows you to become one with nature.

Shinafoot Pottery was created in 2015 to allow me to share my passion and skills with others.




This is the most difficult technique to master. The most important aspect of throwing is having the correct hand position and being able to centre the clay perfectly.
Coiling is known as perhaps the most versatile form of pottery making because you can build any form or design and also any size.
Slabbing is when you make objects from sheets of clay.  It is very versatile and the maker can make anything from domestic objects to making sculptural pieces.



This is the first technique students learn at pottery. It will give you a good understanding of how clay behaves and how it works.
The chemistry of glaze is really facinating and once you have mastered various pottery techniques, you may even want to mix your own.